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What To Do When God Doesn’t Make Sense

What To Do When God Doesn’t Make Sense 150 150 admin

Trust Him anyway!

Amy and I just found out that our son whom she is carrying has a disease that is not compatible with life. It is called anencephaly. It is a neural tube defect that will not allow our son to see very much of this life if any at all. We went in for the normal ultrasound to see what we were having and saw the heartbeat and feet and hands. When the ultrasound tech. finished, she said that the doctor wanted to speak with us. Amy knew something wasn’t right. I just said, “We saw the heartbeat right? Anything else we can deal with.” Little did I know how little I know. The doctor came in and explained the situation and we were devastated. This can’t be right! But it was right – it was right in God’s perfect plan.

We are puzzled as to why this happens and why God allows things such as this to happen. However, we still believe in God and we still believe God is better than good. Do we want this to happen? We would rather not. We are confident, though, that God has all of this figured out and although we can’t understand, don’t see His plan, can’t trace His hand – we trust Him! This is not, believe me, because we are “super-spiritual” – it is because there is no other logical thing to do. We hope that as a result of this journey that we will become closer to our God. We know because it has already happened that God wants to take something of this nature and glorify Himself. He wants to use this to bring people into a relationship with Him, draw those who are in a relationship with Him closer to Him, and give us a story to tell of His grace, goodness, and ever surrounding love.

We covet your prayers. Please let us know if you have been able to tell someone about our loving God as a result of communicating this story. We are keeping a journal that will help us to see what good can come out of this unfortunate circumstance. You can send me an email at northline@northlinebaptist.org to let me know.

Until next time!

Volunteers and God

Volunteers and God 150 150 admin

We serve a breakfast for anyone and everyone who will come on Easter Sunday before the morning worship time. Whenever you have events like this, it is always a blast to see who comes out to help pull it off. We serve biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, egg beaters available upon request, bacon, sausage, and french toast. It is neat for me to see everyone doing their part to serve the people. To me, it is like the body of Christ operating as it is supposed to. Everyone doing what they can for the purpose of God to be served. We had servers and dishers and cookers and greeters and seaters and drinkers (we need to talk to those people – j/k they served the drinks) and cleaners. It is a great opporunity for us to “wash the feet” of people so that they will be more receptive to the message in the following hour. God worked!

We had 6 people come to Christ during the service. We had about 175 people in attendance. The energy level was good. God worked in a great way. I could get use to Him working like that every week. He wants to.

Thank you volunteers for your hard work!

Thank you God for showing up and doing Your thing!

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