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Hey Northline!

I don’t want to keep bugging you, but I don’t want this opportunity to pass by you.

You have 24 hours until our Christmas service. I hope that you have that as a “must experience” event on your calendar. We are concluding our series The Thrill of Hope and it will be a day that you will not soon forget.

I’m asking for your help in a couple of ways and you have 24 hours to complete this mission.

Get somebody here with you…
There is no greater gift that you could give someone this Christmas than an invitation to meet the Savior who changed the world. So whatever you have to do – call, email, text, Facebook message, all of the above – try to bring someone with you tomorrow.

Pray like crazy…
There is no way that we want to have a service that has been carefully planned and thought through but lacks the power of God. Will you please pray that God will move in a way that will increase our faith for the next time that we pray? That we will be so blown away by the way that He answered our prayers for the next 24 hours that all we can do is talk about how great He is.

This is your mission should you choose to accept it. You have 24 hours.

Let’s go!


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