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8400 Miles

8400 Miles

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I am having a hard time dealing with the time change. Botswana is 6 hours ahead of us in Michigan. I am feeling the effects of that!

Keep praying for God to mess me up! He has begun already. It is very interesting because I received some personal counseling last night from Dan Brown, president of Lift Student Ministries, that ministered tremendously to me. Yes pastors need counseling too! He lifted my spirits so much and a huge weight was lifted last night!

I thanked God for the wisdom that was poured into me. My best friend and tremendous help, Todd Spain, said that maybe I needed to come 8400 miles just to hear that! It was so true! Please pray for your pastor. I deal with everyday issues just like everyone else. I am getting healing which will enable me to lead the church more effectively.

We are excited to meet with about 150 African children to morrow and basically run a fun day! I might get my first opportunity to speak to an international audience.

Gaberone, Botswana is unlike anything that I would have expected. It is a fairly affluent area for Africa. There are people however that need to have the hope that is only  found in Jesus Christ. It is a dark place.

The potential here is huge because it is believed that the entire continent of Africa could be reached through Botswana. The reason being is that there are so many people from the surrounding countries that come here because of the opportunity. If they can receive Christ and follow Him, they could go back to their countries and change all of Africa.

Will you pray for that with me? Wouldn’t you like to be a part of something that changed an entire continent?

You can be and we will talk more about that when I get home!

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