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Tragedy at Virginia Tech University

Tragedy at Virginia Tech University

Tragedy at Virginia Tech University 150 150 admin

There are so many times when all you know of a college/university are its athletes. You know we see them on TV and think them to be heroes. Some probably are, although not defined by what they do on a field or court. Yet we never get to know the people at these schools who are making a difference. I look at the faces of those who were killed in that horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech yesterday and although they might not be well known, they represent people – people whose families are going to be radically different for a very long time. They represent people who were doing what should be considered wise and respected – attending classes to enable them to pursue their dreams. I love people! When things like this happen, I cannot help but think of all of the people that are going to be affected!

God help them!

I also realize that the media wants to focus their time and attention to the negative things that the school did or did not do to help this situation. While there might be a better way to protect the students for the future, I want to commend the school for employing professors who were willing to do their part in protecting the students to the best of their ability against someone that was out to cause damage and no one could have prevented it. We will probably never hear from our “blessed” media about the students and professors that risked their lives to save others, but will continue to hear them blast the president of the university and any one else that they can make look like an idiot.

There is something in people that causes them to do the unthinkable – some positive and some negative (this shooter). We need to do our part to start the wave of reducing the negative and be someone that does the unthinkable in a positive way.

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