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No Car Seat Needed

No Car Seat Needed

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Many of you might have heard by now that our son Caden transferred his residence from his mother’s belly to the beauty of heaven. We got news right after our morning church service on Sunday, July 22 that Caden had no heartbeat and that God had chosen to take him before he breathed a breath in this life. They began to induce labor so that Amy could deliver him. We were so blessed with nurses that cared so much for us and our situation. Thank you God for the blessings during trying times. On Monday at about 7:11 PM, Caden was delivered. His little body was a joy to hold even though he had no life in him. It was unique in the fact that Caden was in heaven watching his own birth. Not too many people can say that!

The Lord has been so good to us during this trial! Let me give an example – we were at the hospital on Sunday and the nurse was asking a bunch of questions. I was watching as she typed the answers into the computer. It got to one point where the screen had asked this question – “Car Seat for Discharge”? The available answers were “Yes”, “No”, or “N/A”. When the nurse checked the box “N/A”, the truth that we were not taking a boy home really sunk in. It was probably one of the lowest points of this entire journey. However, God filled my heart and mind with an even more amazing thought. Caden didn’t need a car seat for where he was going. He got there, not by an approved car seat, but by the hand of Almighty God. He is in heaven and I miss him greatly, but I KNOW that I will see him again because I have asked Christ into my life to forgive all of my sins and wrongs that I have done. Christ died for me to have life in heaven forever and for me to have an intimate relationship with Him. I know the end of the story for my life – HEAVEN!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying! You do not know what it means to have the body of Christ praying for us. It means so much! We would continue to covet your prayers for us! However, let me challenge you with something else – there are more hurting people in our world. Some of you might have been so burdened for our request that it drew you closer to God in prayer and intimacy. Keep growing in that relationship. Find someone else now who needs you to pray and seek God’s face and ask God for their miracle. God said no to this one, but God is still a GREAT God! I could not imagine going through this without a God who cares infinitely for us.

Thank you again for your prayers!

 Until next time…

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