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The Incredible God

The Incredible God

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I am blessed!

God has blessed us with another pregnancy. After losing our son, Caden, in July, we did not know what God had planned for us in regards to children. It must have been a month later when God placed a baby in the womb of my wife, Amy.

Blessing – yes! Paranoia – definitely!

We kept it between my wife and I for a couple of months without telling anyone. We were afraid to let it out until we knew things were seemingly alright. We told immediately family at the end of October, beginning of November. We found out right around Thanksgiving that according to the baby’s ultrasound that everything looked good. They didn’t fear anencephaly at all, which is the birth defect that took Caden’s life. We saw brain matter! I have never been so excited for brain matter in the head in all of my life. We waited until seeing extended family at Christmas time to tell them. We told our church family the week after that.

Well we just went to the doctor’s office and learned that we are having a boy. We were shocked! Amy has had a miscarriage, blighted ovum, and Caden’s situation. She assumed that her body was not able to carry a boy. God showed us that He is able to carry anything He wants.

I mean God is good, in that, He gave us another child. The fact that God has given us a boy makes Him, in my mind, just incredible. We are anxious because God chose this boy’s life (without a name, yet) over the life of Caden for a reason we do not know yet (and may never know). What is God going to make of this child’s life? God, the One who gives and takes away, has given us not only a healthy pregnancy thus far, but a boy that I actually get to grow up with. God is just incredible!

Thank you for letting me babble!

We will have a name shortly.


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