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Room of Praise

Room of Praise

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We are currently in a series at church called “SPAM”. In it, we are breaking down the Lord’s Prayer slice by slice as something for us to imitate. It is our goal to pattern our prayer lives after the concepts found in the Lord’s model. I have been attempting to do what I say (this is a good practice for all of us) so as I spent time this morning with God, I had what I believe to be not only a good idea but a “God” idea. There’s a huge difference and a great article on this by Mark Batterson. Basically, 1 God idea is better than 1000 good ideas.

The “God” idea that struck me (which people have probably done) stems from this Sunday’s (March 8th) message thought. Don’t miss it and bring someone with you (set your clocks forward)!

The thought is this…we are all dependent on God. We all need to adore God for who He is and how He cares for us as a Father (“Our Father…hallowed be Your name”). His greatness is unmatched and we should be humbled by the relationship that can be had with Him. We are dependent on what He provides for us.

Here’s how we can imitate gratitude while sitting in a room…
Look around and see all of the different objects.
Those objects represent something that God has blessed you with. Your room is filled with potential praises. For example, as I sat in our front room, I saw a door, a lamp, some walls, some toys, a TV, and some speakers. So I began to thank God (with my eyes open…gasp!) for what He has provided to me and that I am dependenet on Him for. I looked at the door and its lock and thanked Him for protecting my family. I looked at the lamp and thanked Him for providing light to my life of darkness. I looked at the walls and thanked Him for shielding us from the elements. I looked at the toys and thanked Him for the health of my children that play with those toys (and my beautiful wife that picks those toys up). I looked at the TV and thanked Him for my ability to see. I looked at the speakers and thanked Him for my ability to hear. I think you get the point!

That room which sits in its same spot day after day was filled with praises that I often neglect (that is up until today).

So in order to connect with an awesome God in praise…look around and get your praise on!
I would love to hear from any of you that try this approach. Tell me what you think!

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