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[p]Have you ever heard a child when they first learn to talk? It is quite entertaining to watch. One of my favorite phrases that a child says (in their own dialect) is “again”. It usually plays out like this…[/p]

[p]You do something that the child really enjoys like holding them and spinning them in circles. Their face looks terrified when you begin (which really entertains you). Then, when you set them down, they look up and say, “Again…again.”[/p]

[p]This is how I feel when it comes to Northline. We go on this whirlwind of an adventure to see what God is going to do next. This adventure is exhausting at times and seemingly spinning out of control at other times. However, we are left with the same words when it is all said and done, “Again…again.”[/p]

[p]We ask God to continue to work in us and through us as His church. We are on mission to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. That mission is quite an adventure that we want everyone to get in on by exploring, experiencing, and expressing Jesus Christ.[/p]

[p]So as our prayer today is “again…again.”

God, will you continue to rock our world and bring people to faith in You?

Will you use us to show your love, grace, forgiveness, and hope to the world around us?

We have seen You do it and we, as Your children, are asking “again…again.”[/p]

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