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Let Someone Else Say So

Let Someone Else Say So

Let Someone Else Say So 373 396 admin

[p]The Bible tells us in Proverbs 27 to let someone else praise us and not do it ourselves. This is difficult to do in our culture for many different reasons. One of them being that we are so quick to alert everyone to our good works that they are not given the opportunity to make mention of them on their own. SO…I wanted to take the opportunity to praise someone and tell them good job.[/p]

[p]Justin Rooding lost his twin brother in a car wreck just over a week ago. Justin and his wife Lynette have been attending Northline for a while now and we hurt with him. Yet in the midst of this tragedy, God is shining through Justin and Lynette. While at the funeral home, some people from Northline were there supporting Justin and talking with family members. In the process of one conversation, one of Justin’s family members said, “I’m so glad that Justin and Lynette have a strong faith. You can definitely tell by the way they are handling this tragedy in comparison with some others.”[/p]

[p]When I heard that, I could not have been more proud of Justin and Lynette. Good job guys! It may not even be something that you are doing intentionally (which makes it even better), but people are taking notice as you EXPRESS Jesus to them in the most difficult of circumstances.[/p]

[p]Justin and Lynette, you did not ask for praise. You did not try to make much of your actions.[/p]

[p]You simply let someone else say so…and so I do. I praise God for the work that He is doing in you. I praise you for letting God work in you so you can show Him to others around you. Keep it up![/p]

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